Setting Commands to work with mPop

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Riley asked 5 years ago

Thank you for quick response to my question about mPop cash drawer not opening. That works great now with the commands you provided.

  • TabShop – Printer Settings – Enable ESC/POS
  • TabShop – Printer Settings – Cutter Cmds: 1B,64,01
  • TabShop – Printer Settings – Drawer Cmds: 07,1C

The only problem is now the printer is cutting off half of the last line for the receipt. What can I adjust to have it push the paper a little farther before cutting?

1 Answers
wolfgang Staff answered 5 years ago

Just add a newline character as first hex code before the Cutter. Newline is 0A, so you will need 0A,1B,64,01 as Cutter CMD.