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Paul Do asked 5 years ago

Hi Mr. wolfgang, Here are the previous thread (question/answer), Sorry, that I have to ask the same question above again; your answer was “The invoice has the table name attached and stored at the time the checkout was made. So no matter what you choose right now, the reprint will always show the table name at the time you made the checkout.” Yes, it supposed to be that way, however, it will print with different “Table x” on the invoice base on the “Table x” you had selected at the time to reprint at any random invoice. It has the same behave even when I tried to print the invoice as an image. somehow it overwrite the one that has stored at the time it was checked out. Thanks,Paul Your answer is below: are you sure you are not talking about the order print?   Here is what I did. Clicking on the TabShop icon to go to the main screen, select the icon on the second row far to the right side (the icon image look like a stack of papers). All store invoices are listed there. Select any random invoice to reprint, the Table 1 will be showed on all invoices when reprinting them again even though I had selected different table at the time to check out (by default the Table 1 is selected when you first use the TabShop) . Hope this help to explain to your question. I don\’t know if there is a way to reply to this question/answer rather than post it as a new question. Thanks, Paul

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wolfgang Staff answered 5 years ago

Yes you are right thats a bug, will be fixed.