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David asked 5 years ago

Great product, we have been using Tabshop pro for 3 years now via a tablet. Im not overly technical minded but there is a lot of data stored on our tablet and i want to be abel to remove this onto my mac computer to then put it into a sales sheet. Is this possible? The App is rather slow and we think it due to the high volume of sales data.

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wolfgang Staff answered 5 years ago

TabShop allows you the following:

  • Export all the sales data including every single invoice position by using the CSV export menu function within the invoices overview. Thats a good function for creating any reports you need within Excel.
  • You can export the entire binary database by using the ‘Backup database’ function within the TabShop settings. 
  • If you have backuped your data, you could wipe all invoices within the TabShop reports section, but please make sure that the export or the backup was successful by checking if the backup .db files were written into your selected directory.