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Arno Dubinin asked 5 years ago

Since it is rquired by law in Estonia that all reciepts must be fully in Estonian, is it possible to change the words: Total, Payment method, Cash/Card and Change into Estonian. It is really important for us. If it is necessary we can even pay a small fee for it. Also I can help to translate Tabshop into Estonian. I really like this app and I would like to continue using it.
Total – Summa
Payment method – makseviis
Cash – Sularaha
Card – Kaardimakse
Change – Tagasi
Thank you in advance!
Best regards,

1 Answers
wolfgang Staff answered 5 years ago

Thanks for this info. I will think about it but at the moment its really hard to support so many different app translations. I can send you the text file and if you translate it, i will add it.