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Denis asked 5 years ago

Good evening! Enjoy Your app very much, but have a few questions and suggestions: 1) it is possible to make the stock visible in the google table? 2) when a check is canceled or a return in the google table this fact does not appear! It is possible to make this fact stood out in some color in google spreadsheet? 3) daily report, z report etc. no Russian language, does not display correctly. 4) is it possible to make discounts using QR codes? 5) does not provide a function for the weight of the goods. As an option – when choosing a weight item, a window appears to enter the weight. 6) have the opportunity to make each of the seller and the administrator had his password to login with a specific access. Thanks in advance! Sincerely, Dennis!

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wolfgang Staff answered 5 years ago

Thanks for that great feedback, but as i am developing TabShop in my spare free time every feature needs a lot of time. All your suggestions are on my list but will need a lot of time to implement i fear.
Russion language in PDF reports is not really possible for my third party PDF lib i use, i am sorry for that.