Print off data

David asked 5 years ago

I asked a question a few days ago around how to get the data off my tablet. 
I have tried to back up the data but I’m not sure what gateway to use. Can I remove the data off via wifi? As my tablet doesn’t have sdcard.
When I tried via csv it import individual transactions and not daily sales. Plus it took over 1.5 hours for the files to export. This is  large amount of unnessesary data. 
I want to be able to have daily and weekly sales reports. Is this possible?

1 Answers
wolfgang Staff answered 5 years ago

Well i cant really say how to get your backup files from your device anywhere else. Most convenient way could be Dropbox, Google drive or something over WLAN.  According to CSV export TabShop allows you to select a date range for the export, so i would export month by month otherwise the file gets quite big depending on your amount of invoices.