please respawn

Mnsor Alqhtani asked 4 years ago

as i wrote in iinternal barcode reader 4 
can you put that in the new update because it will solve my issue just please make the product name field  accept enter button .i tried entering product number then clicked enter and it refused if you need further explanation i can shot a video
please re-spawn if you cant i spent 300 dollar on the device please make that change 

1 Answers
wolfgang Staff answered 4 years ago

I cant change a functionality based on guess that it might work, as i have no test device like your model to try it out. I still do not understand why your internal barcode reader is not able to normally send the product number like your external one. Just dont use the product name field, its NOT meant for the scanner but for manual input. With a focus on the list the barcode reader sends the product number into the list directly.