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Abdul asked 5 years ago

I am trying to print a dual linguistic receits in Arabic/English, but I am having a bit of trouble finding the right settings as the print-out in english is good, but there is no or random arabic print! can you please help guide me to the right settings (in particular the character encoding and the character table index.

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wolfgang Staff answered 5 years ago

Yes thats tricky and comes with a little bit of trial and error testing.

  • Goto TabShop – Settings – Print and enable ESC/POS
  • Choose the right character table index for your language (this depends on your printer model, so best would be to check your printers manual and just choose the right index number)
  • Choose the identical or a similar character encoding for your Android device (which is Android device dependent, e.g. x-mac-turkish, WIN-1254 or IBM-853, …).

Thats it.