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Tomek asked 4 years ago

In my shop I use your software.
I have a few questions if I can have any suggestions as to add several elements in my opinion, will be an interesting addition to your system, and more users will chciło install it at home.
For me it was an important asset to add to the key order in the warehouse store, when I see the product is not enough and that you can look at and print the file with the order.
Button Check out
After accepting the order for the system to check the sale price and how it will be too small to add margins.
After adding the ordered product to be visible to the size of the margin, and I could choose this value alone.
Is there any chance that your program to integrate with the weight on blotutth. For me, it facilitated by much work I chose the same products without entering the weight of the numeric keypad.
greet and wait for a reply
Tom Puchalski

2 Answers
wolfgang Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi, what do you mean with add to the key order within the warehouse? I fear adding a bluetooth weight is hard to accomplish without any standard interfaces of the OEMs. For the other requests please could you provide some use cases so that I can understand the purpose and try to find solutions?

Tomek Puchalski Staff answered 4 years ago

I have some trouble with spelling in English.
May I say from the beginning, pracownnicy sell vegetables in the store, on 3 devices with your software. One of these devices is mobile, it has a worker who delivers the products ordered by phone, mail, or in person, and carrying them away.
I would like to employee who drives a car bought on the market products which is running out, and to order these products were visible on his użądzeniu.
The employee once a day I’m leaving after the purchase of products on stock exchanges.
I would like to with every product in the store was the “order”. To later pulled out of the products ordered in August one file with the contract for printing. In this file would be the “bought” and the opportunity to enter the purchase price and quantity. At the time of purchase the “order” is changing to “bought” in a warehouse.
I would like to employee did not have access to the entire program only to selected functions, or it can be done.
Can this system be combined with weight? If so, in what way?