I can't re-download tabshop pos

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marioavalos asked 5 years ago

I downloaded free version first at all. Then I purchased pro version in app and after it all was good, but I needed uninstall it and reinstall. The problem now is that I can’t acces to pro version anyway, either in playstore or in-app, but I have in my account a receipt that say:
Thank you.

You’ve made a purchase from Smartlab on Google Play.

Order number: GPA.1315-8267-3006-08793
Order date: Aug 27, 2016 2:55:18 PM CST




Upgrade to PRO (TabShop – Point of Sale POS)


Tax: $0.00

Total: $5.60


Payment method:


Questions? Contact Smartlab.
P.D.: I’ve used the same device ever.

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wolfgang Staff answered 5 years ago

Send me an email and i will provide you a redeem code to unlock a free version to pro again without costs. my mail is wolfgang @ smartlab.at