How to sync mutiple device

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Mirko asked 4 years ago

I would like sync 3 device but I can’t find how to do. Your Sync setting seem to be incomplete because I can’t save server password. Multi device sync is really a deprecated function ??? please tell no….

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wolfgang Staff answered 4 years ago

Well i marked the old sync as deprecated because I think the newer sync over Google Spreadsheets is much simpler and less error prone. Nothin to set up except to select your Google Spreadsheet.
And please keep in mind Enter your Stock in Google Spreadsheet, sync it to your three devices and the invoices of all three devices will automatically sync up to your sheet from all three devices.

wolfgang Staff answered 4 years ago

No to add products to a table is just a local feature, there is no sync on that between devices. TabShop does not really offer any server that would accomplish that, its just a local system. I thought that typically one waiter is responsible for one table and after the invoice checkout the invoice and all the checked out invoice positions are stored within the Google Spreadsheet. But to view whats on a table across multiple devices is not possible.
Also if you use Google Spreadsheets the use case is that you manage your stock centrally through the stock sheet and not creating and uploading the items with the TabShop devices. It would also open some sync issues if you create a ‘Burger’ item on each of your TabShop devices than how should the server/Google Sheet decide which one to keep, or keep all three products with the same name.

But I agree if you have complex sync requirements you have to choose a server or cloud based solution such as