Google Synch of products (stocktab) does not synch

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Jeroen asked 5 years ago

I have bought Tabshop pro, but have some problem synching with google spreadsheets.
I followed your Youtube tutorial on this, and everything works well except importing product from google to the APP.
Tax and discounts are imported just fine.
I created a product in the APP, and made a invoice, also that invoice is synched immediately back to Google.
Do you have any idea what could be the problem?

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wolfgang Staff answered 5 years ago

Well maybe there is an issue within the product entries within the stock sheet. Please try to enter exactly the same products as shown in the tutorial and check if they work.

Some hints:

  • Stock products tax and discount ids have to be the same ids you used for your entered taxes and discounts, otherwise they cant be linked
  • Stock amount has to be larger than 0 otherwise the product is synced but not shown

See my example Google Spreadsheet here that syncs perfect, and it also shows how to sync product images: