Feature Request: Sub cent accuracies for pricing, as in 3.4 cents. I can't use this app without it!

Private: TabShop AnswersCategory: QuestionsFeature Request: Sub cent accuracies for pricing, as in 3.4 cents. I can't use this app without it!
Nil asked 4 years ago

I really love your app and would love to use it, but for my purposes I need to be able to track sales of minute amounts of nootropic and homeopathic concentrates.

In order to do this successfully I need to keep track of my price and cost price – of course, but I cannot do this accurately because the price per milligram of many of these ingredients is often lower than 10 cents per milligram and in order to accurately track my sales I need sub cent precision.

Example to make it easier for you to understand:

Kava Kava, a natural plant with sedative effects, it’s available in a concentrated form and sold for around $50/gram, in order to keep track of orders for random amounts (say someone wants to purchase $13 worth) I need one more decimal of accuracy, a point of a cent. $11.111 accuracy 🙂

At 50/g the Price in TabShop should be: 0.050 (this works because it doesn’t require the last decimal, it being 0)

Say my price is $34/g, TabShop needs to set its Cost price at: 0.034 (but this won’t work because 0.034 is 3.4 cents)

I need to be able to go down to 0.1 cent accuracy, this seems like it could be simple enough to implement but I am not certain.

I would be willing to make a donation AND buy pro if you could add this feature.

Please let me know if you understand and if it’s possible or not, even if you cannot do it, I would appreciate a reply.

Thank you again for your time reading this too 🙂

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wolfgang Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Nil,

Good point, this was requested already several times for different reasons. I will think about how to implement it. The implementation of course depends on my amount of spare free time, but i will see what i can do 🙂