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Dieter asked 5 years ago

Dear Mr Wolfgang,
First of all, you made a very good useful app!
I have both the free and the pro version on my Samsung. 
When I push print order WITHOUT cash, it doesn’t print on the pro version. Yet it works well on the free version. Is it client side or server side?
atm I can only print orders on the pro version with cash or where it deletes table and prints.
Is this a known bug?
thanks for your help. 

1 Answers
wolfgang Staff answered 5 years ago

Thanks a lot! Please make more clear what you mean exactly, print invoice during checkout screen? Or to press the print order main menu within the cashier screen? The print order function with the main cashier screen is completely independent of the checkout process or cash at all as it prints the order or part of the order for the kitchen until you checkout the entire invoice and finish it. The print order function does not print an invoice!