Bug and functions

Dieter asked 5 years ago

When using split screen, you can not select an item after that to for example give comment on it. It’s a bug, you have to restart program-> lose all table contents after restart.
can you choose where the products are listed in category instead of alphabetical order.
is it possible to print product description? With a yes/no option in menu?
something I would appreciate to have, if possible; when you click on a product in a category is to ask for something, or direct option to write something. 
Example: a beef burger–> option with vegetables? –> sauces ketchup etc?
i really like the simplicity of the app you made and that in your free time! You’ve done a very good job! Keep up the good work sir!
have a nice day. 

2 Answers
wolfgang Staff answered 5 years ago

Thanks a lot for your findings i will check and fix the bug. 

wolfgang Staff answered 5 years ago

I checked the issue with commenting and split mode and i have to admit that this is by design. Splitting is the last action before checkout and if you are within split mode there is no additional click possible on single positions. Please make sure that you set all the comments before you start to checkout by using splitting mode.