Bluetooth printer will not print.

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JodyMcIntosh asked 3 years ago

We love TabShop Pro!   Even my tax attorney loves how it syncs with Google Sheets. Makes her job so much easier and my tax bill lower! Great job. Can’t say it enough!
We own a fishing baitshop and sell bait and limited fishing tackle. My wife and I have been using TABShop Pro since week two of opening. We are required to give receipts for all live bait sales. Handwriting these reciepts is very time consuming. So…
We recently purchased a Star Micronics TSP100iiiBI  bluetooth printer and a cash drawer. We are using a Galaxy Tab 3 as our platform.
Printer Specifications:
Problem #1:
Using the default ESC/POS commands in TabShop, I can get the drawer to open, however it continues to kick the drawer repeatedly for about 30 seconds. Should kick just once.
Problem #2:
Receipts will not print at all from TabShop Pro. ( I did download the Star Micronics FuturePrnt app from Play Store and the test receipts print fine with that app.)
I found this info which should be helpful to me but I don’t understand it at all.
I have also tried using the ESC/POS Codes you have listed also. Nothing I have tried will print reciepts from TabShop. I have paired my printer in TabShop and always make sure the “Print” box is checked before finalizing sale. 
I have also uploaded a logo into TabShop and it shows on the “Print” screen in “Settings” area of TabShop but it will also not print. (The “Print Logo” check box is checked.)
Please HELP! 
Thank you for all of your hard work in making this app!