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carter asked 5 years ago

Hi Sir, I have an observation about the tabshop pro app, for example my tablet is not connected to the internet and then I process an invoice (for this example lets say it is invoice#1899) after a few minutes when my tablet becomes connected to the internet, the details of the invoice#1899 does not sync to the google sheet and thus the stock update in the google sheet is not updated too.. is there anyway to make the app sync the transactions made when internet connection is lost? Thanks.,

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wolfgang Staff answered 5 years ago

It does sync the invoices after the connection is restablished. TabShop stores all invoices in the local database with flag sync=false. Once online all sync=false invoices are synced. It could only be that you have enabled more than one sync option, such as the server sync that does mix the sync flag up. So make sure you are only using one of the two sync methods at a time.