Pay What You Want – DRM Free Independent Game Collection

Humble Indie Bundle DRM free Game Collection

Recently i stumbled upon ‘the Humble Indie Bundle’ website which promotes an interesting collection of independent games in a completely new type of business model. Humble Indie Bundle sells a DRM free collection of Independent Games among other things, such as Videos etc. at a cost that is specified by the average amount of money the people are willing to spend. Each Indie Game Bundle, which by the way is supporting cross platforms, is just running for a limited period of time, before it changes to a new collection of games.   You just have to go over the average donation and a cool bundle of DRM free, nice little Indie games are yours immediately. Humble Indie Bundle also shows a live ticker of impressive stats about the actual amount of donations and sells. And the best thing is by buying this DRM free collection of games you are also supporting charity!

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