New in the Maker Shed: The Original Egg-Bot

At long last, Make has the Egg-Bot Kit in the Maker Shed! The Egg-Bot art robot was originally designed by Bruce Shapiro and is purpose built to draw designs on round objects 3cm to 10cm in diameter. Use it to decorate eggs, light bulbs, ornaments, golf balls, and (with some work) even wine glasses! The laser-cut tool holder can accept fine point markers, engravers, and a host of other drawing apparatuses. To use it, simply assemble the kit, adjust the holder to fit your object, plug in your computer, use the open source program Inkscape to create your design, and hit the button! Before you know it you’ll be creating art on unique objects like never before!


  • The Eggbot chassis with integrated stand
  • Two precision stepping motors
  • Pen-lift servo motor
  • The Eggbot controller board
  • All the hinges, standoffs, and other hardware that makes up the Eggbot
  • Plug-in universal-input power supply
  • USB cable
  • A Sharpie brand pen

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