Mobile VNC Server for Windows Mobile and CE

As a lot of people are asking me how to buy and licence the Mobile VNC server software for Windows Mobile and Windows CE, i will post a shortcut here to get to the ‘Buy’ page:

 3700 POS, 9700 HMS, Dell Wyse S30, Dell Wyse Winterm, HMI Panel PC Ex, HP t5000, IPC277D, IPC577C, IPC677C, MICROS e7, MICROS Kiosk, Mobile MICROS, Motorola Symbol MC3190-G, NI PPC-2015, NI PPC-2115, NI TPC-2012, NI TPC-2106, NI TPC-2106T, NI TPC-2512, NI TPC-2512D, NI TPC-2515, NI TPC-2515D, Panel PC 477B, Panel PC 577B, Panel PC 677B, SIMATIC 477C

A word to the Demo version limitations: The connection to a VNC client quits after one minute which is running. I changed the time limitation to this visual limitation, because many people reported that the MessageBox which displayed the Timeout message blocked their device. So the new demo software is not limited in time any more, but shows this visual lines and the demo text.

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