Gumstix – Tiny System-on-a-chip for embedded air drones

Image: Overo AirSTORM COM
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Gumstix pioneered the concept of an extremely small computer-on-module already in 2003 with a full implementation of Linux™. Today, they offer a multitude of different systems-on-a-chip in a really small size. Their systems come in the size of a stripe of gum, which is perfect for controlling an air-vehicle, such as a quadcopter or a air drone, like this plane. Gumstix new product line offers systems called IronSTORM, FireSTORM, AirSTORM, EarthSTORM and SandSTORM, that specify the different specific application areas for which these systems are designed for. The Gumstix systems come at a price between 199$ and 299$. The different systems offer 1Ghz ARMĀ® Cortex™-A8 Core CPU with around 512MB RAM and WLAN as well as Bluetooth connectivity. A multitude of hirose boards offer plenty of sensoric extensions, that are perfect for building robots and drones.

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