Google launches Google Play Video Rental in Germany

Google PlayRumors are floating between some bloggers that Google’s Play marketplace finally enabled the Movie and Video rental feature in Germany. According to a german blogger Carsten, this feature went online some hours ago this morning. Google hasn’t announced the going live of Google Play movie rental in Germany so far, but a handfull of bloggers are reporting that they are able to rent videos on their Android phones. The prices for movie rental in Germany are between 2.99€ and 4.99€ depending on the video quality and customers have around 48h time to watch the bought video before its disabled again. So Google is starting another video on demand service beside AppleTV and several other providers, such as MovieTraxx.

There are no technical issues left within the video on demand domain, even the customers beg and prey for solutions. The main problem is the quite limited selection of available movies each provider is allowed to offer its customers. Even AppleTV does not offer all blockbuster within their popular platform.

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