Flurry statistics says iOS in front of Android 2:1

iOS vs. Android Applications Started

At Flurry, they track developer support across the different mobile platforms. When companies create new projects in Flurry Analytics, they download platform-specific SDKs for their apps. Since resources are limited, choices developers make to support a specific platform signal confidence, as they invest their R&D budget where they expect the greatest return.  Further, because developers set up analytics several weeks before shipping their final apps, Flurry has a glimpse into the bets developers are making ahead of the market.

The chart above shows that Apple continues to attract more developers that Googles Android. For every 10 apps that developers build, roughly 7 are for iOS, says Flurry.  While Google made some gains in Q1 2012, edging up to over 30% for the first time in a year, Flurry believes this is largely due to seasonality, as Apple traditionally experiences a spike in developer support leading up to the holiday season.  Apple’s business has more observable seasonality.

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