Devon Steampunk – A limited edition Steampunk Designer Watch for 25.000$

I have to admit that 25.000$ is quite a lot for a watch 😉 but look at this amazing Steampunk design! Devon offers the reinvention of the watch. The Devon Tread watch visualizes time through a mesmerizing display of the patented interwoven system of conveyor belts. This series of belts includes critical elements that allow the optical recognition system to know every belt position at all times. The Devon Tread watch is powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable cell that is charged by wireless induction. This electric system runs the belts that are kept in tune with an optical technology. Tread is one of the most technically advanced, visually stunning watches ever made, but also comes at a certain price. The Devon Tread watch was designed by a California aerospace company, a group that is quite comfortable with fitting square pegs through round holes. Devon, a watch manufacturer out of California, is using its own proprietary movement. The Tread watch was nominated for the Gran Prix d’Horlogerie de Genéve in the category of Design and Concept Watch in 2010 – the first American watch brand ever to receive this laudable recognition. [via]

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