Codebender: An online Arduino IDE

Vasilis Georgitzikis developed codebender, a cloud-based Arduino IDE that offers built-in libraries, documentation, and the ability to upload your code to an Arduino from a browser. As i already mentioned in some posts before, many IDEs are moving into the Web in order to offer simple to use, worldwide accessable IDEs. codebender is a platform that helps your next idea come to life. Whether you are a maker, a hardware hacker or an artist, codebender allows you to code on the web, faster and easier, using our awesome web editor. Host your Arduino sketches on the cloud and use our next-gen compiler to build and debug your sketches from your browser. When you are done, upload them to your Arduino, straight from your browser. There is no local installation required. Another interesting innovations is codebender’s (upcoming) use of a TFTP bootloader. With this and an Ethernet shield, it’s easy to update code dynamically to a Internet-connected Arduino worldwide.

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