China’s fast construction company

Broad Sustainable Building (BSB), a Chinese architectural firm builds medium-cost, super-saving utility buildings and to promote a futuristic urban lifestyle. They are planning to build the world’s tallest building, the Sky City Tower in Changsha, Hunan, whose 220 storeys will be erected in unbelievable 90 days. This timelapse video shows another project by Broad Sustainable Building, which is a 30-storey hotel that went up in 15 days. The architecture and designs of their buildings should be extremely seismically robust and environmentally efficient.
From CNNGo:

Its 220 stories will provide a total of 1 million square meters of usable space, linked by 104 elevators.

Zhang said Sky City is expected to consume a fifth of the energy required by a conventional building due to BSB’s unique construction methods, such as quadruple glazing and 15-centimeter-thick exterior walls for thermal insulation.

The company’s construction methods also seem to save money.

According to Chinese newspaper 21 Century Business Herald, the total investment in Sky City is RMB 4 billion (US$628 million), compared with US$1.5 billion on Burj Khalifa and US$2.2 billion on Shanghai Tower.

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