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Challenge – VNC Remote Control for Industrial Touch Panels

Three days ago the new release 2.0 of our Windows and Windows CE based VNC Server (MobileVNC, also known as PocketVNC) was published and is ready to install. Over the last 7 years i got a lot of response from customers and partners. This feedback also included information on a wide spectrum of different application areas, in which the customers are using MobileVNC. This application areas range from remote controlling high end steam saunas, remote controlling a fleet of thin clients in fitness studios, navigation boxes in truck fleets, Point-Of-Sales terminals, Barcode Scanners in logistics and a lot of industrial touch panel applications.

The common requirement of all these application areas is the need for simple remote control and maintenance of distributed and networked systems. Especially in this domain the mature VNC technology offers a widespread solution that is compatible with an unlimited set of VNC viewers on all different platforms. Recently there is even an implementation available in plain HTML5 in combination with websocket protocol.

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HTML5 based VNC viewer communicating with MobileVNC

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