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Adorable Lean Product Design: Activity Tracker Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine personal activity tracking device, image source: Its no surprise that the adorable lean product design of Misfit’s Shine personal activity tracker catched so much public attention that its Indiegogo pledge for funding reached nearly  $700.000 and exeeded its target value by around 600%! Misfit Shine is designed as a waterprove, durable and […]

Aquaponics Innovation and DIY Greenhouse Technology

Pierre Beauchamp, a young and successfull innovator and evangelist for greenhouse and aquaponics, who’s goal is to bring fresh and natural food production into urban environments. When Pierre Beauchamp was 15 years old he created an amazing aquaponics operation in a greenhouse in his families property in Auburn, Calif. DIY Aquaponics Innovation by Pierre Beauchamp, […]

Seabear-diving : Smart system for underwater blood pressure measurement

image source: Seabear-Diving, a startup company from Graz Austria, recently published their work on implementing a smart sensor system that is able to measure the blood pressure of divers during their underwater trips. It continuously records depth, time, heart rate, oxygen saturation (SO2) and plethysmogram. Seabear-Diving has specialized on underwater, diver supporting technologies, such as Apnea […]