Bicymple : Crazy simple bike design

Do you know Fixie bikes, the bikes that remove a gear from the overall design of a bike? Well if you like Fixie bike designs, you definitely will love the Bicymple¬†bike design which does not only remove the gear but also the chain as well 😉 The pedals are directly attached to the rear wheel, which is quite similar to the once known historic unicylce…

Josh Bechtel, the inventor of this cracy piece of bike design says:

More than just a stylish concept bike, the bicymple is comfortable, easy to ride, and brilliantly simple to maintain. The lightweight design and short wheelbase make for a nimble ride. The optional rear-steer mode is reminiscent of custom “swing bikes” and allows tighter turns and “crab-riding”.

Well despite the fact  that this is one of the most amazing bike designs i have seen in years, i would not dare to try this bike on our Austrian mountain roads :), in that case i would prefer the Faraday Porteur electric design bike that was presented some weeks ago at kickstarter.

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