Augment the Real World

Within their recent TED talk Matt Mills and Tamara Roukaerts present Aurasma, a new technology for augmenting the real world by using image recognition. Aurasma enables the immediate and seamless virtual animation of the real world. As they are going beyond state-of-the-art augmented reality, their auras can do everything from making a painting talk to overlaying live news onto a printed newspaper. Matt Mills and Tamara Roukaerts are both working for the Startup Aurasma, which implements such a virtual reality lens for augmenting the real world.

The Aurasma app was created out of technology that is capable of recognizing images, symbols and objects in the real world and understanding them. It can then deliver digital content in real time, including videos, animations, audio or webpages. Within the first year as a company the Aurasma mobile app already reached over 4 million downloads. Aurasma is available for download on Android or iPhone.

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