Smartlab is a personal Web page founded by Wolfgang Beer. Smartlab is dedicated to latest information, publications as well as business news and teaching on all kinds of smart systems, embedded-computing, mobile-computing, software technologies, network communication, crowd- and community technologies as well as on funding and startup activities in these domains. According to its background, Smartlab is highly devoted to latest scientific developments in pervasive and ubiquitous computing.

Wolfgang Beer, the founder of Smartlab, is working as a researcher and scientist in the area of software engineering for more than 15 years now. He is actively publishing his research results on international software engineering conferences, in books and magazins. Wolfgang is strongly related to context sensitive, mobile and physical computing. Context sensitive, or context-aware computing systems are generally known as systems which are aware of the context in which they fulfill their duties. Popular examples herefore are mobile navigation or tour tracking systems, that are location-aware, which means they know in which locational context they are operating in. The trend within this research area shows that modern mobile software increases the use of context information for better supporting the users activities. Smartlab gives latest information about the ongoing research within this area of context-sensitive systems.