About The Future Of Ebooks

Watch a recent TechCrunch TV Interview With McGraw-Hill Higher Education President, Brian Kibby about the future of Ebooks. It gives some interesting insight view of the strategy one of the largest text book publishers concerning the offer of Ebooks.

Kibby who has worked in textbooks for most of his career and as the group president, he has seen the movement from “dead tree” to augmented learning experience that purports to connect the net with the standard learning experience. However, new technologies are placing McGraw-Hill – and a number of educational competitors – on a path towards completely bookless learning. This reduces costs on the one hand and improves retention on the other. It is, in short, a win-win… if it works.

In this interview Kibby talks about the future of ebooks, the current status of ereading.

image taken from techcrunch.com

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