Ubiquitous Camera

A mobile, autonomous camera which transmits camera images and sensor values to a central observing server, where the user can check the visual state of a remote place.

The system is built upon a cheap Symbian S60 device with onboard camera and GPRS network stack to communicate with the server.

The system consists of following parts:

  • Phone: Python S60 script for camera capture and upload as well as for receiving config updates via SMS messages.
  • Server: PHP upload page for uploading the camera images onto a webserver.
  • Server: A third party webcam viewer application, e.g. Flash Webcam viewer, for viewing the captured and uploaded images.

An SMS consists of ‘upload (1|0) frequency (int)’ in order to set if the clients perform an upload and which frequency is used to capture images in seconds. So if you send an SMS with ‘0 120’ there will be no upload and the image capture frequency is set to 2 minutes.

Following image shows a picture captured by my phone in front of our house:

You can download the Ubiquitous Camera scripts from here:

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