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Pocket TV on Kickstarter

PocketTV a new project on kickstarter wants to build an Android based device on an USB stick, that transforms your ordinary TV set into a Web and network enabled Smart TV. The device promises HDTV video streaming, gaming as well as to play games or even to download and use thousands of Android applications from Googles Play marketplace.

miso – The Second Screen Market

Somrat Niyogi the CEO of Miso wrote an excellent article on TechCrunch explaining the idea of the second screen market. Its mainly about using your second screens, such as phone or tablets, to show additional information and stats on actual running TV shows. So you can interact and get additional information on your pad while you are watching TV on your couch, which is a great idea. Somrat identified that the second screen space is going to be a multi-billion dollar market. Just last week, Tim Cook announced that 67M iPads were sold in less than two years. It took more than 24 years to sell that many Macs. With the growing trend of second screen activity (i.e. using tablets while you watch TV), there is bound to be major disruption in the TV industry.