VNC Viewer for Windows CE

Around 2014 I was playing around with the idea to come up with a very simple VNC Viewer written in C++ especially for Windows CE devices. As these devices do not offer a lot of resources it is often demanded by various companies to run a low profile VNC viewer within their industrial control devices. There are many Windows CE and windows embedded compact HMI panels out there in industry and they most of the time have to run for more than 20 years, so the need for native VNC solutions is still a reality. Long story short I wrote a really simple, cmd line based VNC viewer in C++ and you can find the result on Github.

This simple VNC viewer was published on Github under the MIT license. So there is no reason why you should not try and integrate parts of it within your own solution and hopefully contribute a little bit of code in return.

Download or contribute to a simple, open source VNC Viewer for Windows CE industrial panels.