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Help GeoGebra crowd source for the iPad

Remember my recent post on GeoGebra, the innovative and open source mathematics learning software that has attracted a global community of school teachers? GeoGebra is the best interactive software for explaining and teaching mathematic examples. And the best thing is that you can get and distribute GeoGebra for free.

Now the creators of GeoGebra started a Kickstarter pledge for porting this cool piece of software to the iPad platform.

We want to make GeoGebra available for the iPad. An html5 version of the software is already available and partly working on tablets without Java. But this is not enough, we want a real iPad Application. A GeoGebra app free to download for everybody from the Apple AppStore.

The reason why we want to keep the iPad application free is because GeoGebra itself is free and keeping it so we want it to be available for everyone. If we reach the desired 10,000 dollars, we can support the development.

I think the team around GeoGebra really deserves a huge crowd of backers for their enthusiasm to bring maths and MINT topics to children wordwide!



eBook Shop that rescues out of print sci-fi books from copyright

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Singularity & Co. is a eBook store that tries to rescue sci-fi books that are gone out of print and could fall in a copyright limbo. So the Singularity & Co.’s mission is to buy the rights of these sci-fi books in order to publish them as ebooks, which i find is an excellent idea. Singularity & Co. got around 50K $ startup funding by their popular Kickstarter pledge. They even try to build an open source desktop book scanner.

We’ve seen too many sci-fi books that are out of print, out of circulation, and, worst of all (given the subject matter) unavailable in any digital format. Meaning, as of now, these books may never be seen in the future imagined in their pages. That’s just not right.

1Q – Flexible High End Bluetooth Sound System for Smartphones

1Q in natural Bamboo

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David Laituri’s first Kickstarter project 1Q is a very flexible Bluetooth wireless sound system that allows smartphone users to play their music on high-end speakers. According to long lasting akku power this wireless speakers are able to operate more than 10 hours without reload. 1Q offers a nice and tight design, as you can see in the video below, as the speakers are built with either Bamboo, Walnut or limited edition Red Beach. 1Q takes Bluetooth v2.1 as input signal or alternatively an 3.5mm Aux In plug for external cable bound sources. It offers full 6.5W of high-end sound power while it offers more than 10hours of operating time. It weights around 8 oz (226g) and comes with a size of 3 x 3 x 3 (76mm x 76mm x 76mm).

I think he will be surprised by his success as he easily crushed his pledge limit of 10.000$ (at the moment he has 40.000$ and still 18 days to go).

Quite nice sound system, although there are plenty of Bluetooth sound systems available, some of them really cool, as this public park bench Bluetooth speakers:

Book Review: The 100$ Startup

The 100$ Startup by Chris Guillebeau is dedicated to low budget startup companies, that are run by individuals without large teams. These startup companies very much differ from the actual hype around seed funding and pitching large and potent investors. The typical Silicon Valley entrepreneurs try to set up startups with the goal to sell them after a seed period of at most three years and taking large profit with them, in order to start the next one. All the individual startups that are described within The 100$ Startup are not within that category. Chris describes many different individual product models and businesses, ranging from small bakeries to a very successful bycycle mattresses store. All of these startups have in common that their owners follow a very individual model of creating value and of financing their regular income by not loosing their freedom within large companies. This book is an anthem for small individual businesses and agains the unhealthy and depressing work within large companies.

I really loved to read about the very different ways these people started their own businesses. Some of them did not even realized the moment when their own business grew more profiteable than their regular work ever was. I also liked the fact that this book is  about normal people, like you and me, realizing that they can turn their hobbies into good businesses.

Another interesting aspect about this book is that all the people and their businesses that are mentioned agreed to open their business and income figures to the readers. You can find details on Chris’ website

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Indiegogo: Go International Crowdsourcing

I really love the idea of crowdsourcing, as it completely opens the door for sozial funding of  innovation and creativity. Through sozial funding or community share funding many projects can be realized, that otherwise we would never have heard of. Getting an initial funding for a creative idea often fails because of visionless and traditional bankers or greedy investors. By letting the people (crowd) directly select and fund projects they are interested in, really opens the door for bank and big investor independent community shares. This crowd decision method reminds me on my previous post on ‘The Wisdom of Crowds’.

One of the most popular Web platforms for rising crowd sourcing and funding is Kickstarter. Kickstarter really is a great platform but unfortunately it is limited to US creators, which quite limits the possibilities to get international crowd funding.

Another really good platform, which is open for international crowd sourcing and funding is indiegogo. It offers similar features and funding schemes as many other crowd funding platforms but is open for international funding.

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Faraday-Porteur at Kickstarter

Seamlessly integrated batteries

The Faraday-Porteur electrically enhanced utility bike is one of my actual Kickstarter favourites. Faraday’s inventors explain that a bicycle is a perfect vehicle for ecological and personal mobility which is hard to improve any further. So they has to add an ‘On’ button to theyr favourite vehicle to improve it even further. The bike itselve looks quite cool for my opinion and it offers some fantastic out-of-the-box features such as a light thats integrated into the bike frame as well as an electric motor that gives you the aditional drive on hills.

The Faraday Porteur is the ultimate electric propelled utility bicycle – the first electric bicycle built by, and for, cyclists.  Dubbed “the ultimate modern utility bicycle” by the Oregon Manifest bicycle design competition, the Faraday Porteur is an elegant, powerful electric bicycle – a high-quality city bike that is comfortable and effortless to ride – with or without the electric motor.

But what i really love most is the design of the Faraday-Porteur bike itselve as it looks quite similar to my old-school retro style ‘Steyr Waffenrad’ Bike, the design is over 100 years old.

And as i saw today they got a lot of attention as their pledge jumped from 500$ to 40.000$ just within a day!!

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Crowdfund a Book on Crowdfunding

As i was reading BoingBoing recently i found a post where Glenn Fleishman, a promotes his Crowdfunding effort to fund a book on crowdfunding: Crowdfunding: a Guide to What Works and Why. I think it is a really good idea to highlight some stories and strategies on funding your own idea, no matter if it is a hardware project, an art installation or a book writing project. Crowdfunding opens a real door for creative solutions that no bank or investor would take the risk to fund. All these inventions and creations would otherwise never appear on the market.

Pocket TV on Kickstarter

PocketTV a new project on kickstarter wants to build an Android based device on an USB stick, that transforms your ordinary TV set into a Web and network enabled Smart TV. The device promises HDTV video streaming, gaming as well as to play games or even to download and use thousands of Android applications from Googles Play marketplace.

Malaysian ICT-Park Cyberjaya

In my series about worldwide startup and incubator programs, this time we look at the  Malaysian ICT-Park Cyberjaya: Established in October 1996, Cyberview Sdn Bhd, a Government owned company and landowner of Cyberjaya, has been mandated to spearhead the development in Cyberjaya. To this end, Cyberview put its utmost effort towards ensuring Cyberjaya continues to progress in line with the Government’s aspirations. Within this ICT campus lies the SME Technoentrepreneur Center, which supports the grow and development of innovative Startups.

Homemade Satellites are Just Around the Corner



The Nanosatisfi team has made it their mission “to provide affordable space exploration for everyone!,” and with ArduSat, they move one step closer to reality. ArduSat is a Arduino-controlled miniature 10cm cubic satellite, weighing 1 kg, which is roughly equivalent to half a store bought loaf of bread. Its size might not be impressive, but it packs over 25 sensors including: Myspectral’s open source spectrometer, inertial measurement unit, magnetometer, along the standard set, and many others. This impressive little machine boasts a camera to take photographs, it could send messages back to earth, or it can run your space experiments. With the ability to upload code directly to the ArduSat while in space, the possibilities are virtually limitless. [via Make]

Be sure to check out their YouTube Channel for more technical details. You can also support their efforts via their Kickstarter page .