An increasing number of mobile devices offer the possibility to establish so called PANs (Personal Area Networks). These PANs are used to transport data (like contacts, dates, images, audio streams or other resources) between different mobile devices. As these mobile devices offer different services, they need to connect and to interfere with each other. An example for this cooperation between such devices is the use of headset devices in combination with mobile phones, mp3 devices or organizers.

There exist different technologies to establish a wireless PAN. The commonly used ones at the moment are IRdA, operating with infrared light, and Bluetooth which is radio based. While IrDA needs a direct line of sight, Bluetooth does not. Bluetooth, besides its weaknesses, often is the best choice to connect mobile devices like phones, PDAs or headsets. In the last time many reports have been published about security holes that were discovered in different Bluetooth stacks.

Bluetoothing or Bluejacking on the contrary appeared as a harmless public sport where small messages are sent to strangers in public places. Bluetoothing does not use any security hole but a public service that allows the pairing of two Bluetooth devices.

To pair two devices means to authenticate both devices to each other in order to ask the user to grant the use of non public services. To initiate the pairing process the demanding device sends its Bluetooth device name (up to 255 characters) and the Bluetooth address to the other device. The user of the destination device is then asked for a common password in order to accept the pairing with the other device.

A device is unlikely to be paired with a strangers device, but the initial process is enough to display the name of the device which initiated the pairing process (which is in fact our small message) on the strangers device.

BlueSpy is designed and intended for research and statistic purposes, does not use any illegal security holes or harmful services.

BlueSpy is also though to be a new and innovative way to automatically advertise products on public places.

BlueSpy offers following tasks:

  • automatic, periodic scans for visible Bluetooth devices
    the scanning process runs in the background of your Symbian device (but decreases the standby time of your phone)
  • automatic broadcasts of data like business cards (vCards), pictures, messages, advertisements, …
  • audio notification of new Bluetooth devices
    log of all devices that were found
    list services of remote devices