KK Multicopter v5.5

Within the last weeks i was building my first Quadcopter out of a quite inexpensive (~80€) set shipped from Hongkong. The set contained all necessary parts for building the basic airframe with the controller board as well as 4 motors, propellers and their ESCs (Electronic Speed Controller). Following detailed components were part of my inexpensive X525 v3 Quadcopter set:

  1. KK2 Multicopter Main Control Board v5.5
  2. 4x Brushless Motors (XXD 2212 KV1000)
  3. 4x ESCs 30A
  4. 4x Propeller 1045/1045R (10” – 4.5”)
  5. Power Connect Board
  6. ISP In System Programmer for USB Firmware Flashing the KK2 Board

Software Setup

  1. Firmware: www.kkmulticopter.kr
  2. Firmware Flash Tool

After one day of assembly i was finally ready to test the Quadcopter outdoors.

Open Source Firmware

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