Android-based Homecockpit App

The purpose of the Homecockpit app is to give you an overview on the actual situation in and around your house. Homecockpit should show useful information, such as multiple camera live streams, current weather condition, weather forecast, time and date in a cockpit like manner.

Instead of buying an expensive home automation touch monitor, just mount an Android based device anywhere in your house and get all these useful information at a glance. Immediately check all your security cameras or just look who’s at the door. Control the motion and position of your cameras to get a good overview from a central Homecockpit. You can mount the Android device at a convenient central place, like in your entrance hall, or take it with you on your Android smartphone.

As an additional feature Homecockpit should allow you to plan and schedule automated tasks in order to move camera positions even if you are not at home.

Through checking all the Bluetooth devices around, Homecockpit records the presence of your family members within the house.

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